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ccmusicicontest's Journal

Contemporary Christian Music Icontest
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Christian Icons
Looking around, I, luvtbs, noticed there are all kinds of icontest communities out there. Yet, I didn't see any celebrating Christian music. After attending Atlanta Fest I wanted a place where fans of Christian Music could icon their favorite bands.

A new challenge will be set up every week featuring different artists from the Christian music scene. The challenge starts every Monday and you can send in your icons until the following Thursday at 5 pm EST. Voting starts one day later, on Friday and you have time to vote until Saturday 11:00pm EST. The winners will be announced on Sunday.

1General Rules
1.You have to join in order to take part in the challenges.
2.You have to post your icons as a comment to the challenge post along with the url.
3.You are allowed to submit up to 2 icons per challenge.
4.It is highly recommended that you not post or use your icons until the challenge is over.
5.Do not use other people's icons, they have to be made by you.
6.Your icons have to be 100x100 (.jpg, .png or .gif) and 40KB or less.

Voting Rules
1.You do not have to be a member to vote.
2.Vote for your favourite icons by comment.
3.Do not vote for yourself.
4.Do not have other people vote for you.

There will be a 1st place,a 2nd place,a 3rd place based on a points system.
Challenge 1: Michael Tait luvtbs
Challenge 2: Casting Crowns lovedbygod2
Challenge 3: down here luvtbs
Challenge 4: LeCrae luvtbs
Challenge 5: Natlaie Grant onlyalive8

All of the winners icons will be posted in the winners gallery. Do not credit me, if you take an icon, credit the one who made it.
If you take part in one of our challenges, you agree to these rules. If you don't, your entry will not be included in the challenge.