Christie (luvtbs) wrote in ccmusicicontest,

Challenge #4: LeCrae

General Rules
1.You have to join in order to take part in the challenges.
2.You have to post your icons as a comment to the challenge post along with the url.
3.You are allowed to submit up to 2 icons per challenge.
4.It is highly recommended that you not post or use your icons until the challenge is over.
5.Do not use other people's icons, they have to be made by you.
6.Your icons have to be 100x100 (.jpg, .png or .gif) and 40KB or less.

You may use the pictures below or choose your own. You may create lyric icons provided the picture reflects the lyric.

It’s been brought to my attention that some of you may not know the various artists. So, check out this video or this video to get a feel for the artist.

Found on

Found on

Found on

Found on

Found on

Deadline for this Challenge is December 3.
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